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  • Accessing advanced analytics for better insights

    Our research has revealed that many organisations are struggling to extract the full potential of the data available to them despite the variety of advanced analytics techniques available.

    We believe that analytics needs to be much easier for businesses to access, and that you shouldn’t have to be a data scientist to benefit.

    At Experian, we can provide the tools and expertise you need to discover the opportunities for your business.

    Our pioneering combination of data, technology and analytics helps businesses unlock insights and take decisive actions in the moments that matter. Bringing unique scale, speed and intelligence that deliver the best results for both businesses and their customers.

    Introducing Experian Ascend: Analytics on Demand

    Experian Ascend is a powerful, secure, on demand analytics environment which allows you to anticipate and evaluate critical business decisions faster, and with better insight than ever before.

    By equipping yourself with the analytics tools of the future within Experian Ascend, you can build a range of benchmarking, scorecard and customer management analysis on the platform in real time, before presenting them in many interactive formats designed for presentation in the boardroom.

    Experian Ascend is an integral part of a suite of market leading Experian innovations, all of which will accelerate the ability of businesses to harness the full potential of big data.

    How advanced are organizations in using Analytics?

    • 29% of organisations successfully combine data sources to gather more insights.
    • 40% of businesses still rely on instinct and subjectivity when making decisions.
    • 78% of organisations have made investments in advanced analytics.

    Experian Ascend enables you to:

    • Assess strategies more effectively.
    • Manage risk
    • Develop improved customer relationships

    Contact us and discover how we can help your business thrive

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    Our capabilities

    We’re able to power opportunities for businesses thanks to our market-leading integrated capabilities.

    Intelligent Decisions

    Make fast, effective decisions based on new and existing customers through our powerful combination of data, analytics and technology – right across the lifecycle, from onboarding to collections.

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    Advanced analytics

    Create unique insight that you can act on in real-time, using our dynamic analytics services and the best of yours and our data assets.

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    Precision Marketing

    Reach the right customers through the right channels at the right moment to drive better return on your marketing investment.

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