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  • Application fraud prevention with Hunter

    Customers making an application want the best service but also want to be protected against fraudsters and identity theft. You have to balance protection while giving your genuine customers the best decision in the shortest possible time. Hunter gives you accurate application fraud protection for your customers and business to help deliver an uninterrupted experience to genuine customers.

    Who's it for?

    Organisations that need to protect customers using applications across multiple channels for robust fraud protection.

    Key features

    • Screening data at the point of application to prevent fraudsters committing intentional deception and identity theft
    • More data means more fraud found – Hunter uses all the data sources available in a single process
    • Data source includes device intelligence as another parameter for detection
    • Protecting customers from the highest risk of fraud by prioritising investigations
    • Continue to protect your customers and business with specific and flexible detection for your customers and fraud threats

    How it works

    • Hunter prevents application fraud by highlighting suspicious applications, allowing you to investigate and prevent fraud without inconveniencing genuine customers.
    • Hunter matches the application data against multiple data sources including your fraud data, the device the application is made on as well as shared fraud databases, mortality data and dedicated ‘watch lists’.
    • Hunter uses customised rules to cross-match data sources to highlight inconsistencies, as well as matching it to known fraud data.
    • Results are measured to give a level of fraud risk.
    • Suspicious applications are moved into the investigation tool for further analysis and action.

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